AiFa Industries as a toolmaker and manufacturer, we provide the Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Rotational Molding, Pressing Molding and so on, so we are able to provide numerous types of custom plastic, rubber and metal products. For more than 10 years� experience, AiFa has become a specialist at these fields.

Since product design is a significant factor in ease of manufacturing, tooling complexity and tooling cost. AiFa Industries frequently becomes involved in new projects at their inception. We can provide the most complete and comprehensive service in this area, including product design assistance, mold construction, product running, final evaluation and we provide low-cost product without sacrificing quality or excellent service.


  1. Free & Complete Quotation
  2. Cost Reduction & Competitive Price
  3. Good Suggestion & Perfection Design
  4. Report of Processing Every 5 days
  5. Satisfied Molds & Products
  6. Strict Quality Control
  7. Products Safety Deliver to Your Hands
  8. Excellent Products Tracking & After Service

You tell us, we make it happen. AiFa Industries can be your factory in China.


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AiFa Industries
#178 Jinxing Road, Mold Town,
Yuyao Ningbo, China.
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