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• A Manufacturer You Can Trust

China has become the plastic molding capital of the world, there are thousands of the plastic molding suppliers through China, and there are huge numbers of customers from all over the world order the molds and the plastic products from China.

But a part of suppliers used unauthorized material substitutions, substandard tooling and intellectual property thievery to make much money in short time, they take short views. AiFa Industries is different from them, depending on the 10 years experience in doing business with foreign customers, we absolutely understand that what the customers need and we commit to isolating our customers from the various of risks.

• Direct Control Means Confidence

AiFa Industries are managed by who have the makings of good leaders, they know how to get the win-win with our customers.

We train our employees to be detail-orientated and have a sense of urgency regarding the customer’s needs. Unlike other middlemen or trading companies, our direct control allows you to have the confidence that we can carry out your requests.

• Our Products and Services

AiFa Industries is able to provide kinds of custom products.

Our knowledgeable project managers will provide the good quality, packaging and logistics for your project.

• Rapid Quotes and Short Lead Time

Depending on effective management and cost control, AiFa Industries can provide exceptionally low price but also qualified products to our customers. Unlike other dishonest companies with poor quality product and low price, quality is the life of AiFa Industries, we make sure that we can reach your any requirements you imagined.

We know that the time is critical for all of us, so we promise that we will provide the quotes within 3 days if the project is qualified to quote with, and within 5 days if the project is much complex.

Regarding the Lead Time for products, as soon as our customers release the orders to us, we ensure that we will list out a production plan table and follow with this instruction to complete the products on time, then send to customer’s destination rapidly and safety.

• Easy Communication and Fast Respond

AiFa Industries staff knows that communication is very important to our company, good communication give us high efficiency. Please feel free to contact our project managers with your any requests or questions, our project managers are specialist at written English and Oral English, and always use Skype or MSN to communicate with our customers.

Typical drawback of other manufacturers is the language difference, we ensure that we can understand your requests and we will respond to you as soon as we receive your emails, get customer needs, answer questions and give updates.

• What We Can Provide

AiFa Industries is able to provide numerous types of custom metal products, including custom formed sheet metal, machined parts, castings and extruded metal parts.

• Hands-on Management

AiFa Industries own two plastic molding facilities, this allows us to offer low competitive pricing but without sacrificing control over production.

We have built relationships with partner factories that specialize in some metal working processes that we do not conduct in-house. Any parts that are made by our partner factories are analyzed and tested in our quality lab before they are shipped to our customers.

• High Quality Standards

AiFa Industries is committed to meet or exceed customer expectations through our high standards of quality and delivery. We continually strive to be the best manufacturer of the molds and custom plastic components, by fostering a quality culture based upon teamwork, responsibility, accountability, on-time deliveries, communications, integrity and trust.

Our exceptional QC testing lab is equipped with all necessary quality inspection equipment, enabling us to adhere to specifications that our competitors do not even have the tools to measure.

• Intellectual Property Kept Secure

We know that China is one of the hardest places to keep intellectual property safe. The entrepreneurial spirit drives them to do whatever it takes to grow their wealth.

AiFa Industries does not allow this type of thinking to infiltrate our company. Our reputation allows us to hold our heads high in the global community. Protecting our solid reputation around the world is more important to us than making some fast money through dishonesty.

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